Reverse Logistics & Supply Chain - The Recon Group has pioneered Intelligent Dispositioning to solve these industry problems. Put simply, we understand there is a demand for all grades (A, B-grades, tested working, or parts) and invest resources only to the extent it's profitable. Through our established sales channels, we gather and analyze market information relating to market value for each product grade. Since all returned products aren't in the same condition, we realize the opportunity this affords us to recondition only to a level where cost, demand, and maximum profit can be obtained. This proven skill allows us to then properly design a specialized program to exceed our partners' expectations. We also realize markets ebb and flow so this is an ongoing process for us.

Where your product ends up is VERY IMPORTANT. Recon understands the importance of moving product quickly, profitably, and in a manner that protects your brand. We have established multiple procedures and processes to safe guard where and how your product is remarketed.

The Recon Group was incorporated in 2008. Throughout the years, The Recon Group focused its efforts on the Intelligent Disposition, Smart Touch and Smart Returns aspects of the Reverse Logistics' Industry. Having added every big box consumer electronic retailer to our client roster, The Recon Group's area of expertise lies in Consumer Electronics, however, it is not limited to this category. The Recon Group has developed and executed programs for a multitude of consumer level products, including soft goods, hard goods, clothing and toys. Each and every product that is processed by The Recon Group undergoes a triage to allocate the proper resources, and deploy the corresponding Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The Recon Group boasts a large repertoire of in house developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) for each and every product processed, this maintains homogenous end product, through repeatable procedures. Simply calling what The Recon Group does "Reverse Logistics" would be a shortcoming to our abilities! The Recon Group has adopted the terminology of "Intelligent Disposition, Smart Touch and Smart Returns" as we do so much more than Refurbishing, Reconditioning and Reverse Logistics. The Recon Groups roots are deep in first hand experience, our team consists of individuals collaboratively working together, to each bring their versatile backgrounds and experiences, goals, achievements, certifications and inter-industry networking, creating The Recon Group.

The Recon Group Inc. prides its business on relationships. We do not believe in clients, but rather view each and every one of our business endeavors as a strategic partnership. This network of strategic partnerships is robust, versatile and all encompassing to handle any Intelligent Disposition, Smart Touch, Smart Returns better than ANYBODY else.